Review of Digitalamrendra by vishal jha



My audience here is Vishal, Today I am sharing my views on digital marketing.
Let’s start from the beginning,
I started my first day with an introduction which is led by my teacher. Who’s name is Amrendra Jha but he is known as a digital Amrendra. And let me tell you about sir,
* He has good communication skills which make students understand very much easily.
His behavior towards the students like me is too good.
* He is very creative which makes me join immediately his course and get more knowledge.
* Right from the first day I learn a lot of things by sir, communication and body posture which makes my personality more attractive.
* Honestly if I say, so his marketing skills are amazing.
*   One thing I like about sir is that As a teacher he has a  great personality.
He is a good communicator.
* Particularly he got a master’s in SEO.  Which is in demand for sure.
The way he gives example on the basis of reality that is phenomenal
His presence of mind is too good.
* The fact that he is an honest guy
And there are a lot of things that make him a very good facilitator.
And now I would like to share something about the digital marketing course. Basically, I have no extraordinary knowledge about digital marketing but can share some of the things about this institute where I am learning a digital marketing course.
The environment of this institute is too pure which made me join immediately.
The way he teaches us. It is very nice
* He talks very politely.
This course is for those students who are really interested in learning digital marketing.
In this Course we have 12 modules and 4 bonus weeks which will take more or less 3-4 months.
* every day we start our topics full of excitement.
* During the class, we get multiple opportunities for expressing ourselves.
* We have to summarise all the topics confidentially and fluently.
The one thing that is very unique about this course is that it is based on real-life examples.
* The contents which are provided by sir that is remarkable.
* The positivity in the class is too good that making this institute different from others.
* In this course basically we are going to learn many things among them I would like to share some of the things:-
    SEO Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing
    Social media marketing
    Google ads
    Facebook ads
And so on ……
* This process is a bit long but if you join this course I can bet you will definitely enjoy this journey.
* And you have to keep rushing your skills and get master of the digital world.
* If you learn this skill then you can capture the whole world.
This is course will be more valuable for your future
After some time digital marketing is going to be more valuable and important for everyone.
* As everything is going to be accessible digitally.
I am strongly committed if anyone wants to join Digital Marketing Course then hurry up. And understand what the digital world is.
That’s it…….
Thanks for listening to me
Have a nice day.

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